compare and contrast teachers and administrator

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Erin Potter
Model 4, Edu Exploring Education as a Profession
Professor, Hintze
Compare and Contrast
During my interviews I realized that being a teacher or an administrator has its ups and downs to it. The teacher answered her questions as someone who deals and interacts with children every day. The administrator answered his questions as someone who deals with more what’s best for the children with little interaction with them. Knowing what I found out about the two professions I would lean more towards as being a teacher because an administrator has too many responbilieties.

There are many things that the teacher and the administrator have in common. First off they both are in education and want to help children grow into adults as the graduate. They both try to help educate the children without offending any religion or beliefs that the children may have. The teacher and the administrator both went to college to get a bachelor and master’s degree in education. They both have the similar reasoning for being in education field. Finally both of them share the love of being around children to help them be the best they can.

Teachers and administrator have many things that are different from each other as well. They both have different degrees in education. An administrator has a master’s in business and a teacher has bachelors in science childhood education. The administrator went to college longer than the teacher. The teacher is there to have one on one time with the students if they need to stay for help. The administrator does not really have one on one time with the students they are to help keep students in school and any other problems that might occur.

When I interviewed the administrator he was calm and very well spoken and knew a lot about running a school. He did not have any teachers in his family. He got his influence from his college English professor named Body... The greatest benefit he has as an administrator is...
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