Compare and Contrast socio-cultural of Northern Europe and Middle East

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Compare and contrast socio-cultural of northern Europe and Middle East.

Human beings differentiate and organise themselves into functioning communities from a particular terrain or location. This grouping into functional behaviour or manners is what we name as society that relates to communal living. Communal living includes social classes, problems as well as matters affecting human welfare. Every society has its own norms, a common or a dominant culture. Culture is described to be distinctive ways of living influenced by the ethnicity and the society’s’ believe system built up by the group of people from the same community. Culture incorporates the arts, artefacts customs, rituals and architecture of building and the people (Gee, pp 234). Thus socioculture refers to the changes to residents’ everyday experiences as well as to their values, way of life and intellectual and artistic products.

There are 40 countries across the terrain of Europe. Many of them have their own language and lifestyle. From a logical geographical grouping, Northern Europe also known as the Scandinavian countries consists of Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Demark and Finland (Mancini, pp 239). This group is also known as the Nordic countries.

Fig 1: Nordic Countries

These five countries come under the purview of the Nordic Council. Since 1948, the Nordic Council (Nyberg 1995) made an agreement stating free movement of capital and labour. In other words, no passport is required to travel between the Nordic Countries and this to some extent creates challenges for some researchers collating the numbers for travel statistics.

Fig 2: Middle Eastern countries

While Morocco, Mali, Tunisia, Egypt are sometimes grouped with Middle East (Mancini, pp 353) geographically, Israel & Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman and United Arab Emirates forms the political grouping of Middle East. For the purpose of this purpose we will analyse the latter to explore the socio cultural aspects of Middle East.

When we look into the culture of any society, it is inevitable but to mention that the functions of a community from the particular terrain or location are influenced by its education, religion and climate conditions. From these three broad categories other factors branches out.

Media and Technology
Music and dance

Social Norms


As we explore the three broad categories, we cannot isolate cultural factors as independent or they belong only to a particular group. For example, fashion can be influenced by climate conditions as well exposure deriving from education and/or religion (in and people from the Islamic terrains). No doubt cuisine is induced by religion in the Islamic countries, a climate condition for instance during winter warrants different type of food consumption in the Nordic countries.


Education is deemed to be a prerequisite fundamental necessity for future growth and prosperity. In fact, education equips the academic credentials of arithmetic, literacy for development as well as the foundation for social behaviour.

The Nordic Countries offers education to its people with an aptitude to research that is equivalent to international excellence of quality and strength. After leaving the formal education system, when the individual is facing common challenges of the economy (either at work or out of work scenarios), he will be able to exchange information and improve his ability to adapt to the changes in labour market and current requirements.

On the contrary, the Middle Eastern education system does not recommend cognitive problem-solving skills. Instead the students are encouraged to memorise answers to pass the exams. This leads them to be passive learners. With complete coverage on Oman Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and the United Arab...
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