Compare and Contrast Siddhartha and Like Water for Chocolate

Topics: Novel, Love, Like Water for Chocolate Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: March 13, 2008
Hesse's Siddhartha and Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate both demonstrate love's intensity. Hesse's novel speaks generally about the hardship contributed with the loss of live Siddhartha encounters with his son and dealing with inner conflict to find enlightenment with the absence of love. In a sense, Esquivel's novel begins with the hardship of lost love and ends with the finding of enlightenment with love. These novels display a reciprocal effect and account for both similarities and differences between the two works. The use of love to motivate the characters can be compared on the basis of their attachment of love, physical pain, the healing process and their thematic use for love.

Like Water for Chocolate attacks the hardship of lost love more directly than Siddhartha. Esquivel's many interactions between Tita and Pedro in the kitchen describe their relationship as being loveless due to their basis of love as being transformed without the benefit of touch. This demonstration of the absence of love is depicted through Tita's sexuality, merely to see the reaction of Pedro, her lover, as a carnal desire. By contrast in Siddhartha, the beginning of his love has been revealed to be separated with his son young Siddhartha, causing his search for enlightenment to be unfulfilled causing Siddhartha of being incapable of love. But by the end of the novel, he is fallible because he has not confronted love itself, but creating his son to be blinded by love towards Siddhartha. By similarity, Like Water for Chocolate reveals the motivation Tita encounters from the hardships of her lost love and the grief that is included with motivation herself to heal. Tita's assertion of life is established with Mama Elena's haunting spirit. This internal fire is exposed with the disappearance of Tita's pregnancy which reveals that enlightenment to love is blinded by her ability to be in fear.

Another major difference between the novels is their wide...
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