Compare and Contrast Science Fiction Short Story Unit

Topics: Science fiction, Short story, Fiction Pages: 4 (1519 words) Published: May 8, 2011
Many science fiction stories contain similar themes and ideas, but only two really caught my attention. As I read these stories I couldn’t help but notice the different themes that make them appealing. Although they both have different themes, characters and scenarios, they both seem to stay true to the make believe factor. Themes like vengeance, justice, love, pride, and honor seem to appear in these short stories. For me, justification seems to also be present, one justifies on the good for mankind and the other justifies vengeance. The short story Valhalla written by Gregory Benford, opens a passage to what if. In this science fiction story we have a man that looks just like Adolf Hitler. He materialized right when Hitler sensed his capture and decided to commit suicide. This Hitler look alike claims to have come from a place where Hitler was supposedly famous and was known for his great “contribution” to humanity. Little did Hitler know that his look alike from the future was actually a fake. This deals with the theme of deception. It is deception due to the fake Hitler’s description of a future that in reality had nothing to do with the truth. The fake Hitler’s story assured Hitler that he was there to rescue him and that his life should not end by his own hand. He also motivated Hitler to believe that Germany did not deserved him as a leader and that he will be very beneficial in the future. He kept trying to persuade Hitler to walk through the blue corona portal. Little did Hitler know that if he would walk through the portal, he will face eternal torture. This materialized man actually came to get Hitler because in that future generation suicide was not enough punishment for all the damage done by his commands. This theme of deception is also present in the short story Scanners Live In Vain, written by Cordwainer Smith. This deception occurs when the scanners are described as men, when in reality they...
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