compare and contrast of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson

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Compare and Contrast of the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt By
HIS 204 American History since 1865
Instructor: Kathleen Scarpena
November 25, 2013

Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson are two of America’s most celebrated presidents during the 20th century. Theodore Roosevelt who was a Republican had a military background and created the American conservation movement. Theodore Roosevelt was also once shot by an would be assassin and still managed to give his speech. Roosevelt was famous by his quote “It takes more than one to kill a moose.” On the other had Woodrow Wilson who is a Democrat formed the idea of preserve peace. The stories about these men are the stories that are taught in our schools today to our children. These two president set the path for government today. Now let’s take a closer look at President Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow while in office. Wilson concentrate more on issues that matter much to him like the New Freedom Policy. This policy consist of antitrust laws, bank reform and tax revision. When enforcing these laws Woodrow Wilson wanted to make sure that the American citizens was being treated fairly. He wanted to make sure that the American people was not being mistreated and business was not corrupted. Unlike Roosevelt, Wilson did not distinguish between "good" trusts and "bad" trusts. Any trust by virtue of its large size was bad in Wilson's eyes. The CLAYTON ANTITRUST ACT OF 1914 clarified the Sherman Act by specifically naming certain business tactics illegal. ( This is the same act that allowed the American people to boycott and picket in peace and be legal. Roosevelt on the other hand had a totally different approach than Wilson. He brought about the New Nationalism. The New Nationalism called for federal intervention to promote social justice and the economic welfare of the underprivileged. This gave the American people a led way to end poverty. The New Nationalism...

References: Bowles, M. (2011). AmericanHisotry 1865-present: End of Isolation, San Diego, CA: Bridgeport Education, Inc.
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