Compare and Contrast of Moonlight Kingdom

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Critical Analysis of Moonrise Kingdom
The movie Moonrise Kingdom is a rather cliche story line at first glance. It is a story of a couple who loves each other and wants to be together against all odds. They are willing to risk their lives and run off together for an adventure. But as you watch the movie, viewers can see that there are complex meanings behind every character and every scene. What I found to be most important about this film are the themes that are represented. One of the themes that was important to me, was the direct contrast between the make believe world of childhood and the make believe work of adulthood. Sam and Suzy are in dysfunctional lives, both in search for a companion and acceptance. Sam is a foster child who is dealing with the loss of his parents, and Suzy has several sibling is a world of their own, surrounded by her parents in a loveless marriage. Suzy and Sam are seeking attention, and an escape from their lost and loneliness thoughts. They set off on an adventure, or in a sense run away to feel like they can be free from the baggage of their “outcast” persona and the hassle of their parents. All while the adults are in a lifeless, loveless existence, and everyday tedious routine. What is important about this contrast is that both the children and adults are, in a sense, creating this sort of fantasy world- which gets them through the day. It takes the children running away for the adults to realize that they need to take responsibility for their own lives, and the lives of the children.

The most interesting thing about the film lies within the questions it raises in the viewer’s subconscious and the way the children are the focal point of these questions. The questions that are most clearly demonstrated throughout the film are: Why do we need people in our lives? Is the pain that is felt while being with someone worth the rewards benefits? How do people who are “outcasts,” or cut off from the world, deal with their...
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