Compare and Contrast Hinduism and Buddhism

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Hinduism and Buddhism

Some people may think that Hinduism and Buddhism are the same religions with just two different names. They aren’t, Buddhism and Hinduism both have different types of rituals, holidays, founders, and so-on. The two extensive religions of Hinduism and Buddhism have lots of information behind themselves. They are made up of cultures, rituals, practices, and many other things.

“Hinduism is a collection of religious beliefs that developed slowly over a long period of time.” (World History Patterns of Interaction, 2005) Hinduism has been made up of so many different cultures and beliefs that unlike Christianity and Islam it is unable to be traced back. Hindus believe in karma and reincarnation. Karma is good and bad things that a person does and they follow them through each reincarnation. Reincarnation is the rebirth of a soul or spirit which follows after death into a new body and begins another life. The three major Hindu gods were Vishnu the protector, Brahma the creator, and Shiva the destroyer.

The founder of Buddhism was Siddhartha Gautama. Buddhism was founded around about 563 B.C. There are no worshiped gods in Buddhism. In Buddhism karma and reincarnation were strongly believed in just like in Hinduism. In 273 B.C. Ashoka took the throne he had adopted many of the ideas of Buddhism, which helped a lot in the spread of Buddhism. The goal for some Buddha was enlightenment and to achieve this they had to follow the Eightfold Path one step at a time. The final goal in Buddhism is nirvana which is a state of being perfect and ending the process of reincarnation. Today there is an estimated 600 million Buddhists.

There are many differences between the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism just like there are many similarities, but here are a few. Siddhartha Gautama founded Buddhism, but there was no founder for Hinduism, it was just put together by combining many different religions and cultures. In Hinduism there were three...

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