Compare and Contrast Football and Ultimate Frisbee

Topics: American football, Touchdown, End zone Pages: 3 (1117 words) Published: April 1, 2007
Not a lot of people have heard of Ultimate Frisbee but people jump to conclusions that it is nothing like football; this is where people are wrong. With that observation the two sports Football and Ultimate Frisbee have their similarities and also their differences. Even though football has heavy contact and Ultimate Frisbee has no contact they still have the same goal, which is throwing a flying object to score goals. Both sports being plentiful in differences they both are also great athletic sports for a really good exercise to stay healthy.

Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that has derived and became very popular with students in the college population. Ultimate Frisbee or also known as "Ultimate" is a game of courtesy and a display of good etiquette. It is a very fast paced game with many rules and regulations, and a great builder on self-discipline and honesty.

Ultimate is played with fourteen players then separated into equal teams. The Frisbee used in the game is a regulation size disk that usually weighs around 170 to 180. The field used for Ultimate is usually consists of a 70 yards long, 40 yards wide-open field with 25 yards long designated end zones.

The game begins with the teams lining up on opposite sides of the field from each other and throwing the Frisbee down to the other team on the other side the field, which is called a "Huck". When receiving the Frisbee from the huck the team that received the Frisbee tries to make their way down field to the other end zone. When the team reaches the end zone that they were perusing, then that is considered a score. When dropped passes occur or an opposing player deflects the disk from reaching the receiver it is considered a turnover and the other teams possess the disk. The main goal of the game is to outscore your opponent by scoring touchdowns or goals. A game of Ultimate usually is played to fifteen or the game will have a set time limit. With there being no referees to call the fouls the players...
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