Compare And Contrast European Empires In The Americans

European Empires in the Americans:
By using the oceanic way, the Western Europe’s places expanded among the Americas, and it conquered most of the lands by the mid-19th century. British, French, and Dutch, which dropped out, are examples of colonies in the North America, and Spain and Portugal were colonies in the South America. The European got benefits from the movement towards the Americas. Their Atlantic states were well placed that they could straightly reach the Americas, which were beneficial since it made it easier to own more lands, to gain wealth, and spread their religion. For instance, as one Spanish conquistador stated that they came to the Americas in order to serve God and to get wealth. On the other hand, The Great Dying was
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The Spanish conquered the Aztec and the Inca empires in the early 16th century, which were the most prosperous, developed, and populated areas of the Western Hemisphere. Also, it increased a distinctive social hierarchy, such as the emergence of mestizo population (means mixed-race). Moreover, the most mixed country is Brazil, and in the North Americas were mostly natives with black (slaves) and white (no slaves), which were in the bottom classes. Sugar, which was invented by the Arabs and was benefited by the Europeans, was in a high request, so they tried to export, and it transformed Brazil and the Caribbean because it was an intensive labor that became called the first modern industry; it was a reason for more slavery, but they were less strict on the slaves. Another settler was the British colonies that was changing faster, and British colonies advanced traditions of local self-government to the North America, which was a European

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