Compare and Contrast Essay- Racism

Topics: African American, White people, Black people Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: September 9, 2013
Compare and Contrast Essay- Racism
Compare to racism of Jim Crow South in the 1930s, the racism of today is different, but also similar in some ways. The way they are similar is the cases by racism of both time periods. Even as the time passing by, violence caused by racism still keeps happening. The difference they have is that the Jim Crow Laws caused segregation between colored people and white people in the south, but there’s no separation in nowadays anymore. Also, the place of colored people is quite different in nowadays. The similarity between racism of Jim Crow Laws and of today is that there are still violent events happening because of the racism. In the time period of Jim Crow Laws, much of the colored people didn’t have enough rights. Based on their low place in the society, many white people treated them violently. Same in these days, there are still violence caused by the racism. One of the event happened recently that shocked people was the shooting event in the Bart. In the early morning hours of New Year’s Day, 2009, a black man named Oscar Grant was reported as fighting in the Bart. When the police detain him, one of them shot him by a gun. After the shot, Oscar died in the next day. The violence show how colored people are being treated based on the negative impressions on them. There were many people arguing after the shooting event happened. Majority part of the people think the police who shot him was incompetent, while others think that was just happened accidently. The arguing showed how the event shocked them and how they care about it. Even though the time has improved the racism, there are still cases happened just the same as the 1930s. One way they are different is that Jim Crow Laws had made segregation of races, while there is no segregation in nowadays. The Jim Crow Laws created many unfair limitations on colored people, such as could not share water fountains with white people; colored people could not be in the restaurant...
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