Compare and Contrast Essay of Two Neighborhood

Topics: Suburb, Residential community, Neighbourhood Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: June 7, 2013
Patricia Brown
Ellen Beckford
English 1101
13 February 2013
Two Neighborhoods
The convenience of living in an urban or suburban neighborhood can be appealing to many people. Choosing between areas can sometimes be overwhelming for some individual. People are not only concerned about the safety of a community, but they are also concerned about the environment. Although some neighborhoods might look attractive, people should consider the expense that comes with it, and how commuting will affect them in the long run. Nevertheless, both neighborhoods have their specific advantages and disadvantages. When choosing between an urban or suburban neighborhood, it is important for people to research the community, the expense, and convenience of the area before they make a decision. Some significant differences between urban and suburban neighborhoods are that crimes are much more rampant in inner-city communities, as opposed to residential neighborhoods. Many people who live in the urban community face various tragedies when it comes to safety. For instance, home invasion can be a problem for many citizens because some neighborhoods are not protected by security or property management. In addition to home safety, urban communities can be very noisy in terms of public transportation, and at times the environment can be polluted and unattractive. On the other hand, many suburban neighborhoods are protected with private security or neighborhood watch officers. Besides, residential neighborhoods are usually peaceful and quiet with beautiful landscaping which is an attractive option for many citizens. Another factor that differentiates the urban and suburban neighborhoods is the cost of living. Leasing an apartment can be costly in the urban neighborhoods in terms of renting and contributing to liability; however, people who rent do not have some of the expenses that ordinary homeowners are burden with. When renting an apartment, people are more concern about the...
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