Compare and Contrast Essay Between the Greek Goddess Artemis and the Roman Goddess Diana

Topics: Apollo, Greek mythology, Zeus Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: January 20, 2013
The Roman empire developed much later than the Greek empire thus the Romans copied almost everything that the Greeks had developed over time, such as art, literature and Gods. However the Romans did give some of their Gods different names and duties than those of the Greek Gods. There are other differences, which is shown between the Greek Goddess Artemis and the Roman Goddess Diana. These two Goddesses are very similar, however some differences are apparent. The Greek Goddess Artemis is compared to her Roman equivalent Diana through genealogy, images and symbols, and modern connections. Artemis is the daughter of the Greek Gods Leto and Zeus, and the twin sister to the God Apollo. Although Artemis only has one sibling, she has many relationships with other Gods and had few enemies. One of these Gods is Orion, Artemis’s lover, who is a giant huntsman. Although Artemis ended up mistakenly killing her lover, she never married or had children. Artemis came upon many relationships through hunting, which is a common symbol for Greek Gods related to her. Other symbols associated with Artemis were most commonly directly connected with hunting. The bows and arrows are one of those symbols which resembles power and strength. However, Artemis usually used her power negatively by punishing people for their misdoings. One type of punishments was spreading the plague and transforming people into deers. A specific type of deer is the Kerynitian Hinds, which are deers larger than bulls with golden horns. These deers are also a symbol of Artemis because she used them for transformations often. A common image of Artemis that is recognized today is the moon. The moon is a present symbol that is on flags of several Muslim countries. However, the symbol didn't have much more meaning other than representing the Gods associated with Greek Gods and their Roman counterparts. Because of the many symbols Artemis has, there is a vast majority of modern connections. The Artemis mission site...
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