Compare and Contrast Essay- Basketball to Ballet

Topics: Ballet, Basketball, En pointe Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: May 6, 2012
Compare and Contrast Essay
Basketball to Ballet

Basketball and ballet may seem to be two completely different activities; however they are alike in a lot of ways. In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between Ballet and Basketball.

Basketball is a team sport played to win an achievement or medal or to go up in ranking as a team. It is a game that requires strategies and is a rough game. Basketball players need to be tall, fit, and strong; they have a certain body type that is required. They must have strong upper body and lower body strength. They must be fast and energetic; they also have to be very strategic and tactical at the game. The training in basketball is done as a team and also practice strength during their training. The expenses in basketball are reasonably low and do not need any side expenses, also if someone were to take up professional basketball they would get paid much more in their career as a basketball player than a professional ballet dancer. The uniform of a basketball player is very basic and comfortable and quite cheap even as a professional player. Basketball players are much more famous and popular than ballet dancers, which is also why people would want to play professional basketball. They are liked more by the public and have many more fans and opportunities than a professional ballet dancer would. After professional basketball players retire which is usually pretty young because of the high intensity, they usually coach basketball, play basketball on an unprofessional level, or live of all the money they made.

Ballet is a very graceful and girly sport. It does not appeal to many people maybe because people see it as a pointless, boring and not strenuous. A ballet dancer’s body needs to be short in order to be carried by their partner and very muscular and strong to keep their leg lifted up just like a basketball players body must be. Ballet dancers start doing ballet at a very...
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