Compare And Contrast Essay About Thanksgiving

Topics: Haunted house, Chocolate chip cookie, Family, Weather, Chocolate / Pages: 4 (891 words) / Published: Oct 26th, 2016
Seeing the vibrant hues of the trees during this time of the year tells all, “Here is the season of fall.” Not only can one imagine leaning against the window sill to peak out at the leaves dropping, but to actually see them drop, brings a kind of joy to one’s heart that is like no other. Feeling the cool breeze rush against a face, while leaves blow past, under full moonlight only makes a night more special. Foggy mornings only make relaxing at home more enjoyable with a coffee in one hand. Fall is the best season of the year due to the weather, the many exhilarating activities and the holiday Thanksgiving. Sitting outside on a bright sunny day, watching the nature and the weather of fall change can brighten one’s day. Earth changes in a spectacular way only the eyes can see and the body can feel. Catching a glimpse of the red, …show more content…
Arriving at a families Thanksgiving in the fall can give one many feelings of love and happiness. First they walk in the door to freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and the warm air hitting their flesh. The dinner table is full of plates with the turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and green beans, along with a full kitchen island with no room to spare. The aroma of food and pumpkin pie candles fill the air. The refrigerator stacked so high with desserts that grandma cannot fit her whipped topping in for the pumpkin pie. Nothing has looked more good than the juicy, white meat of the turkey. The whole family ready to eat, grandpa stands and says the prayer everyone joining hands. While the family is eating, the football game is playing on the TV in the living room, and the Giants got a touchdown off of the kick return. Soon the family gathers into the living room for conversation and of course repeating several times to great grandma that its four o’clock. Thanksgiving is a major fall attribute, and no matter where you are during this time, fall is

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