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Causes of brain drain
The phenomena “ Brain drain” is getting popular nowadays. Companies all over the world are trying to prevent this problem. However, their effords still have not brought the effects as they want. There are three main causes leading to brain drain. The most important reason is low income. Most of labourers want to get a high salary to pay their lives off but infact the basic salary is not the same they expect. Moreover, the opportunity earning extra money seems to be little. This is explained that may be the labourers are not enough time in order to the policies of the companies are too difficult to make a chance for employees work overtime. An other factor constitutes income is bonus money but this recompense is also small even nothing. The next reason is lack of opportunities for promotion and enhancing knowledge. Employees usually try to work with all their abilities because of basic demand of the life as eating, accommodation,etc, first, then they want to express with their superior to have chances of promotion. Sometimes, they also try to work to achieve the criteria for a crash course or studying abroad. Thus, if companies have fewer advancement and improvement knowledge opportunites, they will not retain good employees. The last but not least cause is poor working conditions. Labourers do not like to work in an environment lack of facilities because they will have difficult in working and they have not many chances to express all their abilities. They will feel not interested in working so that they move and look for an other company is natural In summary, the above analysis has shown three reasons of phenomena of brain drain. To prevent this problem, companies should find out the solutions for these causes.
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