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Maroubra and Kogarah are suburbs of Sydney. Both are approximately 10 kilometers from the center business district. However, Maroubra is a beach suburb, while Kogarah is a residential suburb. This report will compare and contrast the populations, accommodations and services of these two suburbs. Foremost, the populations of these two suburbs differ remarkably in size. Maroubra has 26,500 people while Kogarah has approximately 10,900 people. In spite of the difference in size, the compositions are quite similar because the majority of the people in both suburbs were born in Australia. However, the other top 2 nationalities in Maroubra are British and Indonesians which are 7%, whereas 11% of the population in Koragah come from the United Kingdom and Indonesia. Moreover, another conspicuous difference between these environs is the cost of accommodations. The median house and apartment price in Maroubra is more expensive than it is in Kagarah. In addition, the cost for house in Maroubra is $1,050,000 while it only costs $650,000 in Kogarah. This means the price for house in Maroubra is twice as much as in Kagarah. Besides, in both suburbs, the percentage of people living in apartment is 42% because the cost of apartment is cheaper. In Maroubra and Koragah, apartment costs only $575,000 and $420,000, respectively. The last major difference between these two suburbs is the services. Firstly, the beach suburb has medium-sized shopping centre whereas the residential suburb only has a small shopping centre. Secondly, both suburbs have many private clinics but only Koragah has a major hospital. Lastly, the education facilities in Koragah are also better than those in Maroubra, because there are one college, four public schools and two private schools in Koragah, while there are only three public schools and five private schools in Maroubra.
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