Compare and Contrast Essay

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College life may seem to be a roller coaster ride at times. College has its ups and downs, twirls and swirls, half time and end times. College life can be compared to many things. One thing that college can be compared to is a sporting event. One specific sporting event that reflects the life of many college students was presented this year at the playoff between the San Francisco 49ners (this being you) and the Atlanta Falcons (this being college).

Freshmen at college are presented with many obstacles. Getting used to the atmosphere and the environment may be a difficult task for many freshmen, but this is because this is only their first quarter of their bachelor’s degree. During the playoffs this year one can see that at the end of the first quarter of the game, the Atlanta falcons were up 17 to zero. Many people see themselves in this situation during their first year of college life. When college students see themselves in this situation they have the decision of whether to quit or to keep “playing” just as the San Francisco 49ners kept on playing.

Freshmen are clearly noticeable out in college because they seem less insecure than other college students. Once freshmen become sophomores they have more experience out in the college field and tend to be more confident of themselves. This is exactly how the 49ners felt the second quarter of their playoff game. The viewers saw a big change of attitude and tactics placed by the 49ners in an effort to catch up with Falcons. At the end of the second quarter the Falcons were still in the lead by a score of 24 to 14. The 49ners were no longer down by 17 points, they managed to pull themselves up to only be down by 10 points.

A junior in college almost always tries to do everything possible to catch up on everything to be able to graduate the next coming college year. Even though a junior in college may be behind on his/her credits, they develop and pick up many studying skills, discipline, and mental focus...
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