Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: Automobile, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: November 5, 2012
The Corolla and Sephia

English 101-22
With the growing competition in the automobile industry, consumers face more choices than ever when trying to decide which type of vehicle to buy. To the uninformed consumer the Toyota Corolla and the Kia Sephia seem like similar cars; however, a closer inspection will reveal the disparity between the two. This essay will examine the cost, efficiency, and convenience of each vehicle and demonstrate why the Corolla is superior to the Sephia. The Toyota Car Company started making cars long before Kia even existed and with their experience, Toyota has achieved an uncommon aptitude for making remarkably efficient cars. For example, the 2004 base model Corolla boasts of having a combined mile per gallon ratio of thirty-seven to one. This shows that the engineers at Toyota put a great deal of emphasis in developing a car that is practical considering today’s outrageous fuel costs. This also shows that Toyota understands its market and the best way to give the consumer what they want. Kia on the other hand, can only claim to get thirty miles per gallon of fuel and this number decreases as options are added to the car. This demonstrates the priority at the Kia factory may not always have the consumer interests in mind. Moreover, if the consumer opts for an air conditioning, which comes standard on the Corolla, the gas mileage decreases and the consumer ends up paying more for what they want. It is clear, that with today’s fuel costs constantly increasing, choosing a Toyota over a Kia will prove a more efficient choice for the savvy consumer. The consumer also needs to consider the level of convenience that comes with each car. The Toyota Corolla comes with a six year, 100 thousand mile warranty, a maintenance plan that is included in the price of the car, and the company has one of the most extensive networks of dealership repair garages in the industry. This makes it easy to get the vehicle in for...
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