Compare and Contrast Egyptian to Other Societies

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Compare and Contrast Egyptian to Other Societies
From all the information available in the text, Egyptian society (for the average member) was very similar to all the other civilized societies of the time. They all lived in adobe structures, or other shelters that were temporary. The buildings were built by anyone with a limited budget and sufficient time. Building with adobe is very simple, requiring only water, dirt, and vegetable fiber of some kind. Adobe is very durable in relatively dry climates; it also tends to stay cooler in the daytime, and retains heat at night.

All the societies of the era were polytheistic; they all had a pantheon of gods, each responsible for a single thing, (rain, fertility, war, etc…). Each of the Gods was presumed to be just like the worshipper except Much more powerful and knowledgeable. Each of the pantheons was considered a “state” religion. Each religion had a group of priests, generally broken down into subsets for each god or attribute. Each had a senior or chief priest, in charge of the activities of all the sub sects.

In each of the societies, most of the peasants had a place that was stable and subject to certain of the Gods and therefore certain of the priests. For instance, a Farmer would have been subject to the gods of the elements, the gods of weather, the gods of sun and water, fertility and possibly to the other Gods of choice. Those farmers would have had to make ceremonial sacrifices to the Gods, (and priests) who they were subject to. The priests would have benefited from the sacrifices as the unofficial part of their income, or living.

Trade or compensation was by barter, or in kind, it is known that workmen for the Pharaohs were paid in grain and material for their labors. Money or coinage was not developed until much later.
Although all the early societies were very similar there were some major differences, The Egyptian was more unified from the outset, as they invested their leader (the...
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