Compare and Contrast Egyptian and Mesopotamian Culture

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Emanuell Williams
Ancient Civ
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The Mesopotamian Civilization and Egyptian Civilization, both at their prime around the same time had many similarities as well as many differences. Both civilizations brought ideas and processes into the world that impacted the development of other societies around the world.

The Mesopotamian civilization was a theocracy ruled by a monarchy which they believed to be divine in origin, Meaning kings derived their power from the gods and were in direct connection with the gods.The religion of the people of Mesopotamia was polytheistic, as they worshiped over 3000 gods and goddesses. The people believed the gods and goddesses owned the cities so each city had a temple that was built with much wealth. The temples owned much of the land and livestock. The temple was the center of the city as well as a political and economical center. There was three main social classes, nobles, commoners and slaves. Nobles included royal and priestly officials and their families. Commoners were the noble’s clients as they worked for the palace and temple as well as other common workers of the city. Slaves were owned by palace officials and were used for building project and weaving. The economy was based on agriculture. The valley between the Tigris and Euphrates is where the mesopotamian peoples thrived. The river valley is the main reason why the society survived and prospered being that their economy was based solely on agriculture. The law code of the people was based on the principle of retribution, (eye for an eye).

The Egyptian Civilization was a theocracy as they had a king thought to have a divine connection with the gods. Egyptians were a polytheistic peoples the worship many gods with two specific groups being the sun gods and land gods. The Egyptian religion was apart of everyday life and could be no other way, pleasing the gods was most important. The egyptian social class was God-king, nobles and priests,...
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