Compare and contrast crime rates in Bridgend, South Wales to Luton, East England.

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Cowbridge Comprehensive School
Welsh Baccalaureate

‘Compare and contrast crime rates in Bridgend, South Wales to Luton, East England.’


Gemma Cartwright 12.4


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Within this investigation I will gather first and second hand evidence to decide which town had the highest overall rating of violence during 2010-2011. I decided on my local town of Bridgend in South Wales because of the night life, amount of schools in the area and the increase of migration in the last 5-10 years. I also selected Luton; East England because of its high rate of younger persons compared to the rest of England, Luton is also one town with the highest migration increase.

‘Luton has, proportionately, a higher amount of young people compared to England as a whole3. 12.7% of the population of Luton are aged 5-14 (compared to 11.5% of the population of England) and 6.7% are aged 15-19 (compared to 6.5% of the population of England)’, page 6.

In my study I hope to achieve a connection between unemployment and the percentage of violence within the two selected towns, along the way it may show a connection between the two towns in means of migration as a key point towards violence and theft. Due to myself being close to Bridgend I am able to provide personal opinions, experiences and primary photographs about the area, with Bridgend there is a jobcentre marking how high unemployment is within this town, the same for Luton. I believe that people that are on the dole are more likely to perform a violent act for numerous reason, may they be jealousy, hatred and a general dislike to those that have a job and decent lifestyle.

To begin, I have gathered secondary research online from, with statistics that range from violence against the person to non-fatal casualties. Screen shots on the next page, the whole areas of Bridgend and Luton are easily comparable because of their distance to the capitals of Wales and England, taking unemployment rates into consideration. Within Bridgend Males (16-64 years old) and females (16-59 years old) have an unemployment rate of 9.2 percent, which is higher than the percentage of Wales which is 8.3, this contrasts with the unemployment of Luton, of males and females of the same age range. Luton has an unemployment rate of 9.4 and the East of England is 6.7, in contrast to Bridgend this shows that Luton is worse off towards unemployment overall by .2% but a drastic 2.7% within the local authority of eastern England.

Luton is known for its mass population, especially for younger people and a large range of ethical diversity, even though Luton is seen and described as a ‘challenged’ area due to the lack of help given from public services. Luton’s reputation of being a high crime/violence area has spread like wildfire across the UK even though in 2006-2009 the amount of crimes being committed dropped a drastic amount. I went out to Luton to ask then a few questions (questionnaire attached) and while I was in Luton, I did not feel safe and so contacted a friend to stay with me around the town until I completed my questionnaire. Many of the older people were hesitant as I approached them, Luton’s crime rate like previously said has apparently dropped but an increase of teenage pregnancies and more unemployment appears to have again caused a flux of crime within the town. Theft on the streets and night time burglaries have become more common and people are starting to feel unsafe in their homes, causing more people to move, creating squatters and more violence.

The results of my primary research.
From my Primary research I found that the people thought that the crime rate in Luton is average, however in Bridgend they found the crime rate high. More people in Bridgend felt safe leaving there house after 9pm than those that live in Luton. Female...
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