Compare And Contrast Blackman And Ayrout

Topics: Family, Marriage, Wife Pages: 7 (1715 words) Published: October 31, 2015

Blackman vs. Ayrout
Ayrout and Blackman, both enter the peasant community to study how they live and what kind of lives they have. Each one of them has his own research that sometimes this might contradict with the other. However, most of the times, both of their works are in agreement with one another. Ayrout talks about how family is important to the fellah, especially a huge family. ?Each house contains a large family including very often ?.four or five children, a grandmother or a grandfather.? In addition, he explains how marriage issues and life after marriage are tackled. Blackman also devotes a great deal of space for women?s issues, outlining the strict punishment of women who are implicated in sexual relations before marriage and...

However, ?At present they are without the most elementary knowledge of hygiene, and are unmethodical in the carrying out of most, if not all, their domestic duties.? If they do not have this knowledge, then the entire family is more susceptible to catching a disease. Being sick is a lot of trouble, especially for a family that has barely enough to live on. Furthermore, when they become sick, they do not go to the doctor, but they go to a magician to buy amulets and charms and pay a huge sum of money for them. Furthermore, when a baby is born the women refuse to go to doctors and prefer to go to the magician for rituals acts. This is actually very dangerous for the reason that babies usually need the hospital?s environment or at least the supervision of a doctor. Education is crucial and it can assist the fellahin in the simplest of ways. On the other hand, when Ayrout mentions education it is at a much larger scale. He talks about all fellahin having education and how the education should coincide with their way of life. Ayrout does not discuss in depth how education is essential for women. However, he does mention that the village does need to be re-educated. According to Ayrout, the fellahin find that education is useless. The parents only send their children to elementary school as it is enforced by the law and if they do not do it, they will have to pay a fine. Even though they are forced to go in the morning, there are a large number of absences due to the fact that parents require their children to them lend a...
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