Compare and Contrast Between Greece and Italy

Topics: Italy, Greece, Greeks Pages: 3 (1078 words) Published: May 21, 2012
Italy is located in southern Europe, bordering France and Switzerland to the north. The important cultures that thrived in Italy and that defined civilization in ancient times are the Romans and the ancient Italy Etruscan civilization. Etruscan refers to the culture that existed in prehistoric times and stretched over to the foundation of Europe. Roman culture generally refers to a form of civilization that originated from the Italian Peninsula that would later grow and become the Roman Empire with much influence in Western Europe. Likewise, Greece has played an important role in influencing today’s cultural and political systems. It borders countries such as Albanians and Turkey and lies in South Eastern Europe. It lies in a geopolitical strategic place at the tip of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It shares a rich culture that has seen it referred to as the cradle and source of modern civilization. It is this rich culture that has played a great role in shaping the modern Greece evidenced today. The focus of this paper shall be limited to these two countries, important both in world history and in modern times as well it shall focus at the comparison and contrasts that exists between the economic, social and political setup and show those aspects continue to shape the lives individual in these countries. The modern Greece has a rather short history compared to Italy. Its’ history dates back to 1821 after the Greeks underwent a period of concerted effort, rebelling against the Ottoman Empire of Germany that led to its official recognition of London. This led to economic, social and political transformations. The creation of the modern Italy dates to the middle ages during the renaissance. Then it was subdivided into city-states that were operating independently. Renaissance refers to a period that would see the rebirth and application of theories and ideas developed by classical theorists and philosophers. These are the likes of Plato, Vitruvius...

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