Compare and Contrast: Being a Single Parent

Topics: Family, Marriage, Childhood Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Single parents often faces struggles in raising their families, it does not affect only the parent but the children also. Families become a single parent family because of a death of a spouse or a divorce. A single parent struggles on financial, emotional, and social challenges. Of the eyes of the child, seeing their parent busy all the time makes the child feel neglected. The parent and children becomes depress because of all the stress she/he faces and lack of time for each other.

A single parent faces money problems even though they have child support. Divorce couples often divide the expenses but the single parent have less work opportunity because of the responsibilities she/he faces as raising children. Having a death of a spouse is more difficult because it leaves the single parent bills like car, funeral, hospital, and etc. The single parent need to work a lot to support the family but he/she leaves little time of spending time together. If the single parent does not make enough money to support his/her family then sometimes the children is taken by the child protective services.

The single parent and children faces emotional problems like depression and loneliness. After a death of a spouse or a divorce, the parent feels neglected and he/she sometimes shut themselves down for a long time and neglect their children. Even though the parent is not depress because of being a single parent, he/she has lots of responsibilities which gives little time to spend with the kids. The bond of the family weakens everyday which cause depression on each family member. Seeing their children suffer makes the parent feel angry and ends up blaming themselves.

With all the things a single parent need to do, he/she lack social time with their kids. Communication is an important element to make the family strong. Most single parents have more than one job or go back to school for a better paying job in order to support financial needs and so he/she leaves their kids to...

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