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Topics: Illegal immigration, Gang, Los Angeles Pages: 3 (686 words) Published: December 3, 2014
A Better Life
Throughout A Better Life, you see stereotypical characteristics of an illegal alien depicted through Luis’s character and his father. His behavior, the way he dresses, and his family values all change from the beginning to the end. However, there are still similarities and differences of his character. One contrast of Luis’s character was his behavior. At the beginning of the movie he was leaning towards joining the gang with his friend and he acted like a thug. The scene at the beginning when he fought the kid at school, leading to him getting expelled is a great example of that. Later in the movie you could see his attitude start to shift the other way. At the end of the movie his friend came to get him so they could jump him into the gang, but he didn’t answer the door. Another example of his change is when helps his father get his truck back, because he wants to help his dad make an honest living, and knows that to do this he needs his truck back. He also starts playing soccer for his school at the end of the film. All of these examples show that he changed his mind about joining the gang, and it shows the change in his behavior. Another contrast of Luis’s character was the way he dressed. At the beginning of the movie he wore dark, baggy clothes and always wore his black beanie. He dressed in the “typical” gang style clothing. When he was arrested after getting in the fight at school, the cops assumed he was a gang member and had tattoos because of how he was dressed when they brought him in. As the movie goes on you start to notice he starts wearing more “normal” style clothing, such as jeans that aren’t sagging and a soccer jersey that his father bought him. This is another example of his character changing from the beginning of the movie to the end. My third contrast of Luis’s character is in his family values. At the start of the film Luis had no respect for his dad. His father went to wake him up for school and Luis...
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