Compare and Contrast

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Compare and Contrast

A Harmless Lie


A Hurt Full Truth

What would hurt more? Steering some one away with a harmless lie, hiding them from the horrible truth. Or crushing some ones spirit, breaking their heart, bringing their life to a hate full stop. I will be comparing why a harmless lie is better than a hurt full truth and also be contrasting that the lie isn't always the better way to go.

A Harmless lie usually stayed harmless until the person you have told the little lie to finds out then the lie turns into a horrible truth and becomes hurt full. The lie might turn a good friendship into a hate full, reason being, you have lied about what has happened then you've delayed the person from knowing the truth. But in the end of all the lying and finding out the person might not want to be friends with you. A harmless lie is like the hurtful truth because when you tell the little harmless lie all you are doing is delaying the truth so in the end they are basically the same either way you look at it. The person that you tell is going to get hurt no matter how much you sugar coat it. They're going to get hurt whether it is the time you tell them, a week, month or even a year.

The hurtful unlike the harmless lie will hurt the person and damage your friendship, but they will probably forgive you for telling them the truth. Either way you look at it they both have good points to it with a lie you will have some time to think about what you are going to say to the person. With the truth the person will hate you but they will forgive you cause you told them the truth.

In conclusion if you feel your lucky enough and you can get away with the lie with out hurting them then go for it. You might not hurt the person you might hurt them who knows. But if you don't feel lucky or you just cannot lie to the person the tell them the truth, it will hurt them at first but they will forgive you because you've been a good friend and you told the truth. A...
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