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The first medium bearing a function of conveying information to people was a book, it has been invented about 5000 years ago. The books nowadays are bundled printed pages that come in hardcovers, paper covers, and those that are paperless, what we call e-books. Another popular medium, television, which was introduced to public in late 1920s, is a significant part of our ifs nowadays. Even though traditional TV set is being replaced by online digital television, it is still an important part of a house, lifestyle and everyday routine. Both of these media are sources of news, entertainment and education, but each kind has distinct features and impact on people’s lives in many ways, the harmful influence of TV is notable, naming few: eyesight impairment, abnormal social behavior and influence on children-rearing process. Surprisingly, books also may have a negative influence.

First, books are a very important source of information in our lives. They played a crucial role in human society throughout thousands of years. Written sources were a way to communicate information to descendants. Later, it became a tool to consolidate certain ideas. It is, apparently, the greatest invention of humankind. Books were always appreciated, and millions of writers and researches used this medium to contribute their works to publicity. Reading books has lots of benefits. One of them is that a person has a huge variety of choices, he or she can find any topic to read for learning purposes, research or just out of curiosity. Reading involves active imagination, and developing reading skills impacts on one’s education process in a very positive way. Reading books for children helps them to understand the world, develop mental imaging, instead of idle and passive watching TV for hours. Reading enriches vocabulary and develops speaking skills. “Dr Marieh Evans from the University of Melbourne said while Australian children tend to achieve good levels of education anyway, those with...
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