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Compare and Contrast Essay
The differences and similarities of how the Mongols treated China and Russia consisted of the good use of trade routes, and how the Mongols weren’t strict to Russia. The Mongols controlled china differently from Russia by having a direct rule over them, and by changing their capital to another place, some of the similarities that both china and Russia shared was that their economics dropped and both wanted to conquer different places.

The way that the Mongols controlled China and Russia economically had both differences and similarities. One difference of how the Mongols treated China instead of Russia economically was that with China the Mongols had direct rule and wanted to have all control of the Silk Road. Unlike Russia, the Mongols had indirect control over them. In which then, it made China’s class later to be seen that there was poverty everywhere. The Chinese saw this Mongol rule cruel and unacceptable because it led China to a devastating point. Another difference of how the Mongols treated china and Russia was that although the Chinese population decreased due to its economical problems it stayed all together as one nation. In the other hand Russia split up and went to agricultural methods. Those are two economical differences of how the Mongols treated China and Russia. Finally one similarity was that both of Russia’s and China’s economics dropped, and they both dependent on their trades. This means that although the Mongols took over the silk road for the Chinese, they still got a little bit of money from it because they traded good things such as silk and porcelain, and in Russia their economics went down because they were required taxes, meaning that they took money away from them, even if the Russian’s weren’t wiling to do that. Meaning that the Russians and the Chinese depended on their trade because they were asked to give taxes and didn’t have enough money for all that the Mongols asked for. In conclusion you...
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