Compare and Contrast

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Lisa Fogarty
Eng101 Q
Compare & Contrast Final Draft

Getting a college education is important to some people. Some others may not deem it as important. However, we could all learn from looking at all the possible options that one may have when looking to better themselves educationally, or from life experiences.

Getting a college education can prepare a person for the professional work place with knowledge, and experience in the field they choose to enter. It can teach them the important things they will need to learn to be successful.

Not going to college is sometimes a better choice for those who do not see the importance of furthering their education. Either way, it is possible to find a good job. The key is dedication. Let us compare and contrast the lives of people who have chosen to go to college, to those who have chosen a different route.

For the majority of my life, I did not choose to go to college, and I suffered. I was poor, and had a hard time making sense of life. People I knew went to college, they were successful, and making a life that was comfortable for them. I wanted that. That is what fueled me to make the decision I did to return to school and better myself.

My boyfriend did not go to college, and he has a great job. Making almost 50 dollars an hour. However, he also spent 6 years in the Marines that prepared him for the profession he chose. He was successful without college. I want to be successful with college.

People who choose to go to college often do have higher paying jobs. Because the professions they choose, are those that require more education. Therefore, in the end, going to college would be the right choice. What do we say to those who have not gone to college? Well, we would show them the difference between a good education and just getting by.

Struggling to pay bills, buying food, and keeping a household going is all very important. Someone who chose not to go to college may not...
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