Compare and Contrast 2 theories

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Discussion Board 3.1 Application of a Grand Theory

Virginia Henderson (1897-1996) is a Nursing Grand Theorist who was often referred to as the “first lady of nursing.” In the article by Nicely (2011) it depicts how she developed a nursing model which is based on activities of daily living. She believed that nursing as a profession stood separately from medicine. In this article, I was able to decipher how Henderson’s theory is applied to the specialized area of organ donation for transplantation. It is reflected that although organ coordinators are from different backgrounds such as: allied health professions, physicians’ assistants, and paramedics, most of them are “registered nurses.” Nicely (2011) portrays 14 different activities that Henderson identified for patient assistance which would allow patients to return back to independence: “eating and drinking, elimination of body waste, desirable posture/sleep and rest, select suitable clothing: dress and undress, avoiding dangers in the environment and avoid injuring others, maintaining body temperature within normal range, grooming/protecting the integument, communication with others, worship according to one’s faith, play and recreation, learn and discover” (Nicely, 2011, p.73). Henderson’s activities reflect on how nurses can provide a good foundation in which they can become more proficient in their abilities to provide care for their patients. She stressed the importance for including the patient’s family. In her theory, Henderson states the “the complexity and quality of the service is limited only by the imagination and the competence of the nurse who interprets it” (Nicely, 2011, p. 77). The article extrapolates very good points about how equally important it is for the nurse to work with the family, as well as the patient. The second article I chose by Merritt and Procter is entitled, “Conceptualizing the functional role of mental health consultation...

References: Merritt, M. K. & Procter, N. (2010). Conceptualizing the functional role of mental health consultation-liaison nurse in multi-morbidity, using Peplau’s nursing theory. Contemporary Nurse 34(2). 158-166.
Nicely, B., & DeLario, G. T. (2011). Virginia Henderson’s principles and practice of nursing applied to organ donation after brain death. Progress in transplantation, 21(1), 72-77.
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