Compare and Contrast 2 Religions

Topics: Education, Higher education, Jamaica Pages: 5 (1644 words) Published: May 5, 2013

ASSIGNMENT: The Impact of Globalization on Education in Jamaica

Course: Issues in Education

Lecturer: Mr. Dawes

Name of Student: Cassandra Walker

Year: 2

Globalization is the system of interaction among the countries of the world to develop the global economy. This system refers to the integration of economics and societies all over the world. It involves the technological, economic, political and cultural exchange. There have been several attempts in the past to improve the quality and equity of Jamaica’s education system through the implementation of several strategically planned investments. Policy makers have failed to address the cause of the problem and this had made the diagnosis counterproductive. However, in recent times, there has been a drastic shift towards an increase in the integration of the globalization in our Jamaican educational realm and have thus shown significant improvement in this era. For centuries, Education has been of paramount priority for parents and guardians. A good education is the most secured asset for a child’s future so that as he reaches to a functional self sustaining adult he can contribute to the economic elevation of his family, community and thus the nation. This process is described by Travers (2002) as a lifelong experience that caters to the holistic development of any individual. It is one of the leading factors that determine where he/she expect to go. Since the learning process has no limit, efforts have been made over the years to advance the education system.   Imagine the process of acquiring knowledge beyond the confine of territorial boundaries; to be opened to a world of information where people are able to attend school outside their nation, have access to information all over the world, hence globalization. Anthony Giddens (1990) has thus defined globalization as the intensification of worldwide social relation which links distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events accruing many miles away and vice versa. Undoubtedly globalization impacts education in every locality and eventually Jamaica in both positive and negative ways. According to Chinnammai (2005), globalization helps to boost education in Jamaica, in that being, exposed to new ideas and strategies, when incorporated in the system, helps to enrich learning and promote growth. Unemployment levels are lowered as people seem to gravitate towards the benefits gained through education. Individuals become more influential to others as the high level of knowledge they have attained seem to impact greatly on them. Chinnammai (2005) agrees that globalization promotes a level of equality as basic knowledge is gained through similar channels of learning. The Jamaican education system also benefits from exchange programs, wherein teachers from overseas conduct workshops in Jamaica, by sharing teaching strategies in areas of numeracy and literacy. Individuals with high academic achievements benefit from scholarships; inclusive of this, are our Jamaican athletes who have gained entry into colleges and universities overseas.  From 1948 until a few years ago, the University of the West Indies was the sole provider of teritiary level education in Jamaica.  Davis (2004) asserts that as a result of this, very few Jamaicans were able to fulfill their dreams as the fees were too expensive or enough space was not available or the hours for study were not flexible enough to meet the need of the people demanding it, especially adults with work and family constraints. However through globalization and the increase in demand for higher level education several new institutions have developed locally and there are a few offshore universities. Davies (2004) said that these offshore universities are good because upon completing their program the students are offered a degree that is...
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