Compare and Contrast

Topics: Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Tumbling Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: April 3, 2013
High School Cheerleading vs. High School Gymnastics

Most people think cheerleading and gymnastics are the same sport. They are in a way but, they also have many differences also. They can differ in various ways. Cheerleading and gymnastics are both wonderful sports. Cheerleading may incorporate various aspects of dance and tumbling, but each area is more stylized for cheerleading. Cheerleaders focus more on fast paced things rather than being graceful and elegant. Every motion has to be hit sharply with great precision. Gymnastics focuses on strength and flexibility to rotate/propel the body in the different event involved with gymnastics. There is floor which gymnasts mostly use for tumbling, beam for balance showcasing, bars, trampoline, and so on. They are similar in practices and school rules but, they differ in competitions. Lots of people mistake cheerleading for gymnastics or vice versa. Cheerleading is when men and women cheer for their team. Competitive cheerleading, on the other hand, is a mix of dancing, stunting, and tumbling/gymnastics. Gymnastics is a sport where they use a series of cheerleading moves but there are events such as Uneven Bars, Vault, Balance Beam, and Floor. In both cheerleading and gymnastics, the practices will be held mostly after school, anywhere from three to five times a week. They usually last a couple of hours. Cheerleading practices consist of cheer practice or stunt practice. Compared to cheerleading gymnastics practices consist of tumbling, stunts, and balance. Depending on if there is an event coming up. They will practice on hardwood floors to hear the stomps. However, in gymnastics they practice on soft mats, long bars, and a vault. They also compete in competitions. Competitions are rare for high school cheerleading. Most cheerleaders that are in competitions are in a private school or in college. When they do competitions it is a lot of flips, stunts, and claps. Also cheerleaders say things such as school spirit...
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