Compare and Contrast

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Compare and Contrast Essay

It is considered human nature to have a desire to fit in. However, there are times when the desire to fit in is overridden by the desire to be unique. In a world were everyone is the same, some rise to the challenge and take their own path. In these short stories, “Harrison Bergeron” and “All Summer in a Day”, two young people fight to be themselves and encounter many different reactions to their actions. In these two stories, people have a fear of being different and those who are considered “normal” belittle those who aren't, but in “All Summer in a Day” they closed Margot up in a closet while in “Harrison Bergeron” they used handicaps to force people into becoming “normal”.

The fear of being different has always been an issue in the world, this is shown perfectly in both stories. In both Harrison Bergeron and All Summer in a Day, the people or person who isn't considered “normal” is treated differently. The handicaps in Harrison Bergeron are forced on to people who are above the ideal limit of averaged. A character, George, is forced to wear a little mental handicap radio in his ear due to the fact his intelligence was above “normal”, and by law he was required to wear it at all times. In All Summer in a Day, Margot is bullied, mentally and physically, by the other children in her class because she had came from Earth unlike the children who were born on Venus. The children would edge away from her and not look at her. A boy, William, had shoved her for no real reason and came up with the idea to put her in the closet while the sun cam out.

Belittling the people who were “different” is something that happens in both stories. Belittling happens more so in “All Summer in a Day” then in Harrison Bergeron but none of the less it happens. Margot deals with the mental and physical bullying. William, the bullier, gets the class to help him force Margot into the closet, knowing she was waiting to see the sun. In Harrison...
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