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Compare and Contras

By MrIkram Apr 18, 2011 322 Words
sumaya bt mohamad(MSU)
Compare and contrast these poems.
Firstly, I want to talk about the differences between the two poems. The first poem (Robert Frost) is easier to understand compared to the second poem (Emily Dickinson. The first poem is shorter in lines and has 4 stanzas while the other poem is quite long and has 6 stanzas. The other difference is the first poem is about a men talking about his journey and his pony, and the second poem is about this lady and her death story alone. The first poem also didn’t elaborate much about the poet feeling compared to the second one.

I think the similarities between the two poems are both are talking about death at last, and both poems are also using nature to interpreted their feelings toward life. Both poems also remind us how to be thankful with our life because death don’t await us. Yes I think both poems also sharing the same devices.

If I have to choose which poem is better it would be the second poem and that is ‘Because I Could Not Stop For Death’ by Emily Dickinson. The reason why I chose are the poem really touch my heart and I can feel what the poet felt. The poet elaborate the poem in details and shows how she is really sad and disappointed with her life.

The character between two poets, are the first one was male and he had done some sins so he wanted to continue his journey without anyone knowing and somehow he felt guilty and try to change his life but still death came along.

The second poet were female who was mentally disturb and had terrible life journey with her family. She’s been abused mentally and physically so that she doesn’t want to continue her life. But still she was unprepared when death came and took her.

Thank you.

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