Topics: Wind, Storm, Tropical cyclone Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: July 7, 2013
On the outside you would think that a blizzard would be very different than a hurricane. They are quite similar in their makeup and destructive powers. They are just two of the natural disasters that our planet has to offer and seem to becoming more common. Hurricanes and blizzards are two of the worst natural disasters that are like twisted sisters in Mother Natures destructive family. I will show how they are so closely related from their startup to finish.

Blizzards are heavy snowstorms with very frigid temperatures. The temperatures can reach to a 32 degrees to a staggering – 42 degrees, when that happens there more effects on the body. Visibility can be zero to 25 miles. The winds along with the low temperatures combine with the snow to create a blizzard. Blizzards usually last only few hours but you get everything at once. Blizzards bring wind, snow, and ice all at once; the blizzards are more spontaneous because there is not very much of a warning because the storm does not show how it is going to be until it arrives.

Hurricanes are intense, rotating oceanic weather system that processes maximum sustained winds. Temperatures in a hurricane range from 50 degrees or higher. Hurricanes generally are smaller than storms in the mid-latitudes. The winds spiral inward in a counter clockwise position. Hurricanes tend to last for four days and are a gradual build-up of elements before the actual storm arrives. Hurricanes give a little warning in the fact that before you get the high rate of winds and the rain, you can see that the hurricane is coming by watching the waves get higher than normal.

Hurricanes and blizzards both cause horrific damages by the wind speeds that can reach 75 miles per hour to 155 miles per hour. Hurricane winds carry debris and at the high speed that a hurricane rotates the debris can cause enormous amount of damage. The debris can destroy anything in its path and when it is accompanied with...
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