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Compare 'Comrade Napoleon' to 'Beasts of England', How Effective Are the Poems/Songs?

By MissLouiseHill Jul 10, 2013 603 Words
Beasts of England’ compared to ‘Comrade Napoleon’
The song "Beasts of England" and the poem "Comrade Napoleon" are both meant to serve a particular political purpose among the animals, but they have very different, even opposite, perspectives on the way Animal/ Manor Farm is depicted. “Beasts of England” is the anthem of the rebellion, a symbol of change, a battle cry for the animals on Manor Farm. Introduced to the farm by Old Major, it was desired to leave the dictatorship of Mr Jones and start a democracy. However, after the ‘Battle of Cowshed’, “Beasts of England” helps the animals keep the spirit of the rebellion alive in their hearts. It unites the animals in times of hardships, triumphs and loss. The song removes the sense of individuality from the animals and focuses them on one goal, the success of Animal Farm. “Comrade Napoleon” is the anthem of Napoleon, almighty leader of Animal Farm. It is a poem written by Minimus, a pig close to Napoleon, which solely focuses on Napoleon. It makes the animal praise Napoleon and cater for the selfish leader, who is not hardworking and ambitious (unlike Snowball). “Beasts of England” focuses on all the animals; it is a team effort as it includes the phrase ‘Beasts of England, Beasts of Ireland, Beasts of every land and clime’. This effects all the animals, making them feel important, in a position where they can start Animalism, thanks to the vision of Old Major. However, “Comrade Napoleon” was written about the dictator Napoleon, only suggesting how good and mighty Napoleon is ‘Like the sun in the sky, Comrade Napoleon!… Thou watchest over all, Comrade Napoleon!’ It convinces the animals that Napoleon I always right, he is a God, taking his own personal time to watch after them and to look after the needs of every animal. When in fact, he is doing the exact opposite. Shown by selling Boxer for money to buy whiskey, even though Boxer was his most loyal follower. “Comrade Napoleon” is effective because it symbolises an end to the rebellion and that the animal’s freedom is coming to an end. The power Napoleon gives himself, and the fright the dogs (Napoleons bodyguards) instil in the animals makes him seem superior to all animals, their superior who has adapted to sleeping in abed, killing ‘traitors’ and drinking alcohol, all breaking the original commandments.. The banning of “Beasts of England” and the forthcoming song “Comrade Napoleon” symbolise alterations made in the commandments, and to the civilization of the farm. However, “Beasts of England” is more effective because it supports the idea that all animals are equal and the idea of the rebellion. All animals should work the same, all animals should get the same to eat and no animal would be disadvantaged or advantaged by significant reasons. The song represents life will be better on the other side, when in reality for some animals (anyone but the pigs) life gets worse. “Beasts of England” is more affective for the uprising of Animal Farm because it starts the long journey of all the work, all the loss, all the triumph that it takes to make Animal Farm. It also marks a way of living for the animals, it is their hope in a time of distress to remember the mantra, which taught them about the life outside of democracy. A hope that one day Animal Farm will become one of the dream Old major depicted. A fight for freedom, the freedom they fought so hard for to take from Mr Jones but to have it taken away again by Napoleon.

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