Compare ‘Nothing’s Changed’ with ‘Limbo’

Topics: Slavery, Poetry, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 3 (1113 words) Published: October 19, 2014
Compare ‘Nothing’s Changed’ with ‘Limbo’
To begin with both poets illustrate their strong and seemingly passionate ideas about apartheid and bigotry towards their particular culture. Despite being conveyed differently as regards of techniques and tones it is clear that the themes are very similar as they both poem represent their feelings towards their culture. Afrika expresses his ideas by writing about the unchanged situation in South Africa despite the horrific incidents that occurred over the past 20 years. This is clearly displayed as the title “Nothing’s Changed” refers to not only the racial injustice but the political injustice and mind set of others -regarding apartheid. The sense of the unchanged mind set towards his culture is explored deeper within stanza 2 with the second line being “no board says it” implying that despite the ‘The Slavery Abolition Act’ in 1833 no one acts different. This quote makes it easier to understand for me – the reader. Its shows his true feelings towards the subject of the unfair treatment of his people known as apartheid, furthermore his point is further backed within the 2nd stanza were he refers to his hands and feet knowing, implying that even though their no board to tell you, everyone acts as if there is. This deepens the readers understanding and makes the poem more relatable as most people know how it feels to be unwanted, whether it’s on a massive scale such as racial injustice or injustice on a smaller scale such as prejudice due to area. However Braithwaite’s poem takes a different approach displaying his feeling towards the pain and suffering of the people of his coloured culture. I think that the poem ‘Limbo’ relates to Braithwaite’s ideas concerning the limbo dance became associated with the Caribbean; I know this because he writes about the long journey, of which the people of his culture were forced to be part of the slave trade. Additionally it explores the feeling of being in-between commonly...
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