Comparatives and Superlatives

Topics: Adverb, Comparative, Superlative Pages: 3 (477 words) Published: March 15, 2012
Comparatives and Superlatives
Age: Young Adult- Adult Level: Beginners Length: Up to 1 hour Vocab: Basic adjectives, comparatives and superlatives Focus: Comparing things, reading, writing and speaking. 1. Start by drawing some basic characters on the board, a tall thin one, a small fat one and a normal one. Give them names that your students will be familiar with and invite students to compare them. John is fatter than Paul, Jim is taller than William etc… 2. Give out worksheet and have students work through. Try to explain that small words add er, and est, whilst longer adjectives have more or most before them. Leave two-syllable words that take more and most till later. Answers as follows. Adjective Big Small Young Old Fat Short Tall Thin New Ugly Rich Poor Hot Beautiful Expensive Interesting Comparative Bigger Smaller Younger Older Fatter* Shorter Taller Thinner* Newer Uglier Richer Poorer Hotter* more beautiful More expensive More interesting Superlative The biggest The smallest The youngest The oldest The fattest The shortest The tallest The thinnest The newest The ugliest The ugliest The poorest The hottest The most beautiful The most expensive The most interesting the best The worst

Good Better Bad Worse *Double the consonants for these short words.

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Fill in the sentences. (Suggested answers only) 1. New York is bigger than Paris. 2. Copenhagen is smaller than London. 3. England is older than America. 4. America is more expensive than India. 5. India is poorer than America. 6. Australia is bigger than England. 7. Iceland is smaller than Mexico. 8. Spain is poorer than Germany. 9. Russia is cheaper than America. 10. Singapore is hotter than Berlin 3. Students can then compare the three pictures and write sentences about the people.

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Comparatives and Superlatives
Adjective Big Small...
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