Comparative Study on India and China

Topics: China, United States, Zheng He Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: July 6, 2010


India and China both are Asian countries and are neighbors.

Both has the population over billions and are suffering with more or less the same problems related to social, political or economic issues.

Both have the capability to become the superpower and both the countries want to become the dear one in the eye of the western countries.

With all these and many more similarities there is one more truth which is not hidden from any one of us and that is our domestic market which remains flooded with the Chinese cheap stuffs.

This project aims at drawing an attention of Indians towards how Chinese items are slowly capturing Indian market and its adverse effect on the Indian small scale industries.


➢ Introduction of China

➢ Political environment in China

➢ Business and Manufacturing Strategy of China

➢ Cost leadership strategy of China

➢ Taxes, Rules and Regulations in China

➢ Conclusion

➢ Introduction of Indian small scale industries

➢ Political environment in India

➢ Taxes, Rules and Regulations in India

➢ Threat faced by Small scale industries in India

➢ Suggestion and recommendation for Small scale industries in India to become competitive.

Introduction of China

Thirty years ago, China had a tiny footprint on the global economy and little influence outside its borders.

Today, the country is a remarkable economic power: the world’s manufacturing workshop, its foremost financier, a leading investor across the globe from Africa to Latin America, and, increasingly, a major source of research and development.

It has the largest market in terms of population-wise which every company in the world crazes to command. It is also the country which has got the reputation of being the cheapest manufacturing base in the world, highly skilled and cheap labour and products which, riding on...
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