Comparative Study of the Effeciency of Technology in Public Libraries

Topics: Ship, Globalization, Transport Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Impact of globalization on the Maritime Industry
During the last two decades, globalization – together with the continuing information revolution – represent one of the most significant main changes that have completely changed the world, both positively (a giant leap forward in the world’s technical progress and possible integration) and negatively (strengthening social imbalances and insecurities). However, it is also the most hinted to and argued socio-economic reference point of the past several years. Globalization influence on the Maritime Industry is also very significant as the Maritime Industry is not only the deep-sea trade fleet. [...]

As the international law has been developed and the oceans have been successfully globalized for about a century, the use of the oceans has become open to all states in order to apply the access and resources of oceans for their needs. The open ocean was and still is the main means and sign of globalization. The Maritime industry acts as a basis reason of globalization as it is the means by which almost 85% of the whole world trade is floated. [...]

The Maritime Industry for the last ten years has been developing rather successfully due to technical progress and globalization as well. This development was passing in some trends. The existence of mighty transport and communication infrastructures is important to sustainable progress. Besides, developing countries now direct the world in some of shipping’s most significant additional businesses, involving the registration of ships, the provision of seagoing labor force and ship recycling. They also play an important part in ship possessing and functioning, shipbuilding and overhaul and port maintenance, among others. Observing more profoundly, shipping has an even more significant role to play in the new global commerce. [...]

One of the impacts of globalization is a global safety space defined by a growth in private and transnational menaces to the USA...
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