Comparative semiotic analysis of two advertisements

Topics: Deer, Beer / Pages: 5 (1180 words) / Published: Feb 5th, 2014
Understanding Screen Texts

Comparative semiotic analysis of two advertisements

The following essay will closely look at two digital media advertisements, investigating the various techniques used and the role of its communication in influencing its audience and so human behavior. This essay will be a semiotic analysis on two Australian beer advertisements, exploring the different method used to persuade its viewers. The advertisements under analysis are Tooheys Extra Dry’s "Nocturnal Migration” and Carlton Draught’s “Slow mo”.
The aim of this essay is to analyze the different methods used by these two companies and the signs and symbols that are used in these advertisement, in order to grasp a better understanding of how they draw their audiences in.

The first advertisement that will be analyzed is Beer Company Toohey Extra Dry’s ad “Nocturnal Migration”. The advertisement begins in an apartment, where a Doe (female deer) gazes outside of her window at dusk from the high-rise apartment. She appears to be in deep thought, as though contemplating her evening ahead thus personifying the deer as a human, as one of ‘us’ (the consumer).

The music begins as it cuts to an image of three Bucks (male deer) running onto a suburban street. Then a group of deer spilling out onto the street from all directions, running towards what seems to be one place, a possible meeting ground, creating excitement, and signifying to the idea of the beginning of something…
The music drops to the familiar intro to the prodigy’s song ‘Breathe’. Three Does strut their way down a sidewalk as two Bucks stop and turn their heads to notice the three Does. This familiar image alludes to the confidence and excitement felt when ‘we’ (the consumer) prepare to go out in town; that feeling of freedom, the pleasure of meeting new people, ‘letting your hair down’ and enjoying a night out – something that both genders can relate to watching.

Images of celebration, love,

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