Comparative rhetorical analysis

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There are two articles about different stances on arguing. One writer, Tannen, writes in her article that arguing is getting out of hand in the media. Everywhere we look arguments have to be taken to the extreme to excite the audience and ultimately leads to humans being disconnected from one another. The other article, written by Heinrichs, writes about how he teaches his kids to argue and argue correctly. He uses these methods to increase harmony within the family. Although both articles are very well written, the article written by Heinrichs’ has more merit. Teaching his little ones to argue correctly and valid logical reasoning to back it up. Using this type of method his kids are able to behave themselves enabling Heinrich to interact with them in a way dumbfounds other parents.

The article “For Arguments Sake,” focus more on pathos, trying to appeal to our emotions mainly. Tannen writes about how she was invited to a talkshow to talk about her book and another guest speaker chews her out about the book. The guest speaker talks to Tannen about her book before the show he tells her that he actually likes the book, but he has to chew her out on it to get a reaction from the audience. This is his sole job that he is hired for. This fact is there to upset us and get her on her side of the story that arguing is out of control. She adds many more examples that get us flustered and gets us ready to sign up for the movement away from arguing all the times just for arguments sake. This method does a great job of persuading, but Heinrichs pulls off a great article, as well.

Heinrich uses mainly pathos in his article as well. Instead of the angry tone of Tenner, he tells cute stories of his kids and how he uses teaching his kids to argue to bring a bit of stability and civility in interacting with a child. As these writers go through their various examples they are building up their credibility of the authors, therefore, applying ethos to the articles....

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