Comparative Research on Cross-Cultural Families

Topics: United States, Republic of China, Republics Pages: 4 (1005 words) Published: January 13, 2013
1. Reference or bibliographic entry of your selected article in APA style (see example in the first assignment guidelines): Toro-Morn, M., & Sprecher, S. (2003). A cross-cultural comparison of mate preferences among university students; the united states vs. the people's republic of china (PRC). Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 34(2), 151-170.

2. What are the aims and/or research questions of the study? The research of the cross-cultural study aims their question at comparing mate preferences of young adults in the People’s Republic of China and those young adults of the United States. This study correlates to the research done in 1998 by Goodwin, which examine the political and economic structure in a particular culture and the effect it had on relationships, in particular mate preferences.

3. What concepts or ideas did the authors want to study? How were they defined in the study? Read through the literature background or the introduction part.

The article states the researchers have three concepts they wish to obtain from the study. One, within each culture analyzes gender variation in mate preferences. Second, differentiate the two cultures in which they are satisfied with gender differences in mate preferences. Third, differentiate the two cultures of the significance of diverse partner characteristics.

The concepts were outlined and explain through a questionnaire to 648 university students in the United States and 735 university students in the People’s Republic of China. The United States questionnaire contained 422 females, 219 males, and 7 did not specify their gender. The People’s Republic of China questionnaire contained 343 females, 352 males, and 40 did not specify their gender. The questionnaire contained a section called “Traits Desired in a Mate.” Through the results, researchers could determine which traits were least and most important. Also the differences and similarities within each culture, including the mate...
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