Comparative Religion

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Comparative Religion:
Religion is a common set of belief held by different individuals available within a society. Religion concerns itself with purpose, cause, and nature considered for the creation of a superhuman agency fitted with several moral codes. The codes provide guidance on how humans should conduct themselves throughout their life time. Religious beliefs are known to fall into a pattern of 8 different elements such as the belief system, community, central myths, rituals, an ethical system, experiences of the emotions, expressing religion in a material manner, and the ability of being sacred (Jacobs, 2005). Religious Beliefs Patterns:

As a Christian, my religious beliefs fall into the already identified pattern to a certain extent despite the fact that certain elements hold more weight compared to other elements. The 'belief system' element is taken into consideration and provided with a lot of weight within the Christian religion. Christians hold a belief that people should always take into consideration the manner in which they dress when attending a church service. Christian followers should wear decent clothes and not provocative clothing. Women should wear long skirts and men long trousers while attending a church service as a form of respect for the supernatural being. In addition to this, as a Christian, a lot of emphasis is put on the community element since every Sunday after the church service, the church followers meet to organize meetings with different followers from different locations with a purpose of strengthening the community ties and at the same time spreading the gospel. The central myth on the other hand refers to the incident where Adam and Eve fed on the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. This element does not hold much weight however. Considering the ritual element, our religion does not allow us to work during the Sabbath day. This begins during the sunset on Friday as a way of marking the beginning of the Sabbath day....

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