Comparative Net Sales of Flower Shops Business During Peak and Dormant Seasons

Topics: Average, Frequency distribution, Sole proprietorship Pages: 41 (11462 words) Published: December 1, 2012
1.Determine the business profile variables
2.Identify the services and kind of flowers being offered and the months when the sale is highest and lowest 3.Compare and analyse the sales of flowers during the seasons when it is in demand and not 4.Identify the problems being encountered and factors affecting the sales 5.Prepare plan of action

I.Profile Variables
Name of Business: ___________________

Type of Business: _______sole proprietorship

Area of Business:_______along the public market
_______other commercial area
_______residential area

Number of workers:_______ 1
_______5 and above

Years in Operation_______1-5 years
_______6-10 years
_______11-15 years
_______16-20 years
_______ above 20 years

II. Product/ Goods
Supplier_______within the province
_______outside the province
_______outside the country
_______outside the province and outside the country
_______within and outside the province
_______within the province and outside the country

Flowers being Sold: (displayed at the time of survey)
________ Rose
________ Malaysian Mums
________ Angels’ Breath
________ Anthurium
________ Birds of Paradise
________ Tulips
________ Star Gazer

Peak Seasons for flowers: __________________________________
Estimated Sales:_______below 10000
_______90000 and above

Dormant Seasons for flowers: _______________________________
Estimated Sales per day:_______0 – 499
_______500 – 999
_______1000 – 1499
_______1500 – 1999
_______2000 and above

Problems Encountered:
Dormant SeasonsPeak Seasons

Dried flowers


Few customers

Delayed deliveries of ordered flowers
Unpaid balances of customers
Too many competitors
Burdensome taxes

Lack of necessary equipment
Lack of stocked flowers
Natural calamities

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
It is better to sold flowers on Peak Seasons only
Customers are seem satisfied in your services and flowers Total sales each day depends on the business’ luck
Flowers are important part of an occasion
Flowershop business is an in-demand business anytime

Descriptive Survey

Number ofYears of
Name of BusinessType of BusinessArea of BusinessworkersExistenceSupplier's Place 1Amang's FlowershopSole Proprietorshippublic market125outside the province 2Leony's FlowershopSole Proprietorshippublic market320outside the province 3Emily's FlowershopSole Proprietorshippublic market320outside the province 4Ley's FlowershopSole Proprietorshippublic market330outside the province 5Heaven's TouchSole Proprietorshippublic market18outside the province 6Petal and BloomSole Proprietorshipother commercial area21outside the province 7Maycee's FlowershopSole Proprietorshipother commercial area115outside the province 8Highland FlowershopSole Proprietorshipother commercial area417outside the province 9BloomerySole Proprietorshipother commercial area210outside the province 10Kelsey's FlowershopSole Proprietorshipother commercial area220outside the province 11Kart's FlowershopSole Proprietorshipother commercial area31outside the province 12Vic's FlowershopSole Proprietorshipother commercial area22outside the province 13Flowers and GreensSole Proprietorshipother commercial area31outside the province and outside the country 14Flowers 911Sole Proprietorshipother commercial area21outside the province 15Flowershop by SylviaSole...

References: Maia, Ronaldo. More Decorating With Flowers. 2009.
Pryke, Paula. Flower Innovations. 1998
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