Comparative Essay Between Ancient china and Mesopotamia

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Comparative Essay!

The Civilizations of Ancient China and Mesopotamia, in general were all different but similar in some aspects, the political, economic and intellectual outlooks of these ancient peoples say a lot about their ways of life!


The earliest Civilization is believed to have been developed in Mesopotamia “land between the rivers”, the rivers Tigris and Euphrates rise in the modern Turkey, while China has rivers too, the Yang zi River Valley and the Huang H, in ancient China rice became the common diet in the Yang river Valley ,northern people around the Yellow (Huang He) domesticated wheat, barely, and millet, all four of them were rich in silt, afterwards villages along both rivers communicated and traded, and later on they established cities, politics, cultural and social systems in the other hand the Mesopotamia rivers were also agricultural resourceful because they were of course used as a water supply and to irrigate crops, but they were also important for transportation and trade also in Mesopotamia.!


There were created small city-states centered centered in a large town that governed the countryside around it, one of the biggest geographical influences is the distance China had compared to the other civilizations, communication and trade was difficult for them since Mesopotamia was a region which did not have many natural resources, therefore, the people who lived there needed to trade with neighbor countries in order to acquire the resources they needed to live, so their problem was not the trade it was the lack natural resources.!


Mesopotamians traded their surplus grain for stone, wood, and metals. Trade was easy since there were few natural barriers to prevent it, while in china because of geographical barriers East Asia developed independently, the tarim basin was a geographical barrier ( dry and cold) occupied the west and that area was...
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