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Topics: Hades, Zeus, Greek mythology Pages: 2 (1260 words) Published: November 3, 2014

COMPARATIVE ESSAY ON PERSEPHONE FALLING AND PERSEPHONE ABDUCTED Persephone abducted is a continuation of Persephone falling which goes more in depth of how the mother was feeling and her thoughts. Both poems coincide with one another where Persephone, Falling symbolizes the fall from purity, innocence and grace. The title also reminds us that everything is happening in the present—right now. At the same time, the poem reminds us that everything we do is influenced by what happened in our past whereas Persephone abducted shows the way in which she was taken and her mother’s thought and felt about it. The themes and literary devices had a big effect on the poems themselves which assisted in comparing the two poems. The mother’s thoughts and feelings were seen throughout both poems. We also looked at the significance of the narcissus flower. The narcissus flower is a beautiful and unique flower. It represents beauty and vanity. Persephone spotted this unique flower among all the other flowers (“one narcissus among the ordinary beautiful flowers, one unlike all the others”), is intrigued by it and decides she has to have this flower so she strayed from the herd just so she can have this flower and pulls and pulls to get the flower (“she pulled, stooped to pull harder”). It can almost be assumed that the narcissus flower was put there purposely to trap Persephone to stray from her herd so that Hades can capture her because the narcissus flower advanced the plot of the story thereby making the story how it is. It started the whole cause of the story. If she hadn’t strayed from the herd nothing bad would have happened to her. The themes observed for Persephone, Falling are isolation, mother’s love and male dominance. The themes for Persephone Abducted are male dominance, disregard for female input and feelings and Demeter’s power over agriculture. For Persephone, Falling isolation can we seen by not just Persephone “falling” but what leads to her fall is the fact...
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