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Comparative Essay

By chicagobullswin Jun 12, 2013 725 Words
The Creation Through beliefs
The Christian Creation Story and the Greek Creation myth both incorporate many similar aspects, but also differ in various ways. Through a variety of features such as setting, character, conflicts, and so forth, each story is able to reflect the main theme of ‘original sin’. Furthermore, these myths provide insight on the beliefs and values of the cultures they are directed towards. Both stories provide explanation regarding how sin or evil was introduced into the world. However, since the Greek’s interpretation of creation reflects some aspects of Roman beliefs, it is most likely that the Christian Creation story was derived from the Greek Creation Myth There are many similar characteristics in the Christian creation Story and the Greek creation myth. One of their similarities include the setting of each myth. In the beginning of both myths, the Earth was an empty, formless, dark plane of nothingness. In the Christian reation Story, it states that the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep. In the Greek creation myth, it speaks about the world was an empty darkness, and there was only one thing that existed in this void. Both settings insinuate that the creation of the world took place in en empty darkness, or in a void. However, there are also differences between the settings of these two myths. In the Christian creation story, it states that God created the world in six days whereas the Greek creation myth states that the creation of the world involved many years. The similarities and differences in the setting of each myth prove that each culture is connected, but also show how cultures differentiate themselves.

Another characteristic that each myth shares are the characters within their stories. On a first note, each myth contains an ominous and supernatural being that rules over the world. In the Christian creation story, there is God who created the world and everything inside it. In the Greek creation myth, there are also gods that were involved in the creation of the world. In addition, the both myths involve the creation of man. In the Christian creation story, God created man on the sixth day in his image and likeness. In the Greek Creation myth, Zeus commanded his son Prometheus to make men in the likeness and image of the gods. On the other hand, there are also differences within the characters in each myth. For instance, in the Christian creation myth, it states that there is only one god that created the world whereas in the Greek creation myth, there are numerous gods involved in the creation of the world. Finally, the main point or message of both myths revolves around the fact that sin is present in the world because of human mistake. Both stories involve mortal characters that disobey the all powerful ‘Gods’ that have dominance over them. The characters in each myth face the same types of conflicts as well. Firstly, between the humans in each myth and their supernatural Gods; involving disobedience from the mortal characters towards their God. Secondly, between the mortal characters in each story, usually between spouses, concerning whom the fault should fall upon regarding the disobedience. Finally, there is conflict between the mortal characters and themselves, pertaining to their moral conscience. The humans in both stories are also put under some sort of temptation, which they cannot overcome. This causes them to disobey their Gods, and perform forbidden tasks. It is these similarities that cause the two myths to resemble one another. Despite its resemblance, there are differences in the initial conflict of the two myths. For one, the conflict in the Christian creation story involves the temptation of eating a fruit, while the conflict in the Greek creation myth involves a box that was never to be opened. Additionally, the conflict of the Christian creation story involves temptation, while the Greek creation myth involves curiosity. Lastly, the cultural view of each story is different in the sense of what the culture may believe. The Christian Creation story implies that the particular culture believes that disobedience to God will result in punishment. However, the Greek creation myth insinuates that though disobedience does have its consequences, hope is always evident. It is the result of these similarities that causes these myths to resemble one another.

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