Comparative between Oedipus and Lord of the Flies

Topics: Truth, Father, Parent Pages: 4 (1638 words) Published: December 18, 2013
A person’s goals and ambitions often times do in fact interfere with the people around them. If someone is so determined to fulfill their dreams they often times do whatever it takes to do so, some people may even turn into a whole new person. Two characters from two different pieces of literature who face this struggle are: Oedipus from the play ‘Oedipus’ by Sophocles and Ralph from the novel ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding. Oedipus’ goal of seeking the killer of Lauis and finding out the truth about his life and Ralphs goal of survival and getting off the island both conflict with the others around them. Oedipus was very determined to figure out the truth about who killed King Lauis and the truth about his life and who his real parents were. The people around him kept telling him that he was the one who murdered Lauis and the woman, Jocasta that he was married to was in fact his biological mother and his father, who he had killed was Lauis. Oedipus of course could not face the truth and accept the fact that everyone was right so he was determined to keep seeking the killer. Oedipus talks to the blind prophet, Teresias about the truth and he tells him the same thing that everyone else has been telling him all along, that his mother was his wife and the man he killed was Lauis and Lauis was his father. ``You are the cursed polluter of this land`` (pg.38) and again Oedipus disagrees with him, Teresias then calls him blind because he could not face the truth. This causes interpersonal conflict because the both of the men then start insulting and fighting with each other. “When you prove me wrong then call me blind” (pg.38) Oedipus and Teresias argue and Oedipus says to him when you can prove me wrong about actually killing Lauis and that He and Jocasta were actually my parents then you can call me blind to the truth. Before Oedipus accepts the fact that everyone was right he asks questions about where and when Lauis was killed because he ensures...
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