Comparative Analysis of Two Recordings

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Written Assignment 2
In this assignment you should summarise the two recordings that you listen to, but I want you to identify the theme or topic of the stories. In these two chapters the themes are very similar, if not the same. So after you have summarised the second recording we want you to compare and contrast the two situations, that is look for similarities and differences between Kevin and Sadie’s problem and Manny and Lisa’s problem. Time to get your thinking heads on, and analyse the texts a little.
Your composition will be graded A – F.
Write a Comparative Analysis

First, summarise the recordings in Chapter 2 "A Painful Decision II" and Chapter 3 "Marital Freedom II" (both audios are only accessible through the chapter study guide. If you have not activated your study guide yet, go to the document in unit 1 called "Activate your Read and Proceed Study Guide").

Second, write a comparative analysis of the two stories A Painful Decision and Marital Freedom.

In these two chapters the themes are very similar so after you have summarized the second recording compare and contrast the two stories. Your comparison should : include very brief summaries of the two stories. identify a common theme or topic in the two stories. present similarities / differences between Kevin and Sadie's problem and Manny and Lisa's problem.Time to get your thinking hats on, and analyse the texts a little.
Remember, always structure your text well. You should always start your text with an introduction and end it with a conclusion.
A very well-known “text-type” is the so-called five paragraph essay. If you want to learn how to improve your structure even more, have a look at these instructions on how to write a 5-paragraph essay. Your text should be between 300 - 600 words long. If it doesn't keep to the word limit, we will send it back and ask you to revise your text.

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